San Diego City College Robotics team members are studying a variety of disciplines, including engineering, computer science, and physics. We compete in the RoboSub competition, which is held at the SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific TRANSDEC facility in San Diego. Our team designs, builds, tests, and deploys an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) for the competition. The vehicle is designed to complete a series of tasks using information provided by its acoustic and visual sensors.


DJ Brown - Leadership Team

DJ Brown


Arnold Suarez - Leadership Team

Arnold Suarez

Vice President

Leila Firestone - Leadership Team

Leila Firestone


Matt Bailey - Leadership Team

Matt Bailey


Shane Jost - Leadership Team

Shane Jost

PR Manager

Bob Pruitt - Leadership Team

Bob Pruitt

Faculty Advisor


Emma Brand - Software Team

Emma Brand

Jason Plojo - Software Team

Jason Plojo

Nikita Bobrov - Software Team

Nikita Bobrov

Edward Richards - Software Team

Edward Richards


Dominic Quijano - Mechanical Team

Dominic Quijano

Linda Clark-Murillo - Mechanical Team

Linda Clark-Murillo

Calvin Dixon - Mechanical Team

Calvin Dixon

Christian Pratt - Mechanical Team

Christian Pratt

Benny De La Rosa - Mechanical Team

Benny De La Rosa


Caroline Dillman - Electrical Team

Caroline Dillman

Axel Ruiz - Electrical Team

Axel Ruiz

Giovanni Angel - Electrical Team

Giovanni Angel

Parker Togut - Electrical Team

Parker Togut

Gina Bochicchio - Electrical Team

Gina Bochicchio

Faculty Assistant

Tim Mann - Electrical Team

Tim Mann